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FIFA 18 legend Shevchenko: has set off the pitch warhead

Recently, FIFA 18 new Icons SBC mission on the line. Following Inzaghi, another former striker nuclear warhead Shevchenko (high with) who had played for the Rossoneri came!

Shevchenko, born September 29, 1976 in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. It is one of the most famous players in Ukrainian history. Shevchenko, who has excellent physique, has both strength and technology, and shooting is as precise as a missile, so one sends a nickname nuclear warhead.


Nuclear warhead for the first time detonated in the European football set off a wave of waves, the 1997/1998 Champions League group stage, in the face of a strong La Liga Barcelona, was still in Dynamo Kiev half Shevchenko game Happened hat trick. Soon, AC Milan Italy Serie A giants noticed this in the game with Barcelona fame young striker in 1999, Shevchenko to join the Rossoneri with $ 26 million worth of money, and has since opened for a period of 7 years The legendary journey.

In Milan, Shevchenko immediately became the teams main force doing the front striker, and landed Serie A in the first season with 24 goals became the leagues top scorer. And he and Inzaghi formed a forward line not only the value of burst table, offensive efficiency is even more amazing.
The 2002/2003 season, the Champions League final, the last one played in penalty shoot-up Shevchenko put pressure on the ball into the penalty to help Milan again won the big ear cup after years. In 2004, the state of the league in the heroic Shevchenko once again helped the team win the Serie A championship, and in the same year won the Golden Globe, became the European football player.
In FIFA 18, Top Shevchenko with a total rating of 91, height 183cm, weight 72KG he shot very accurate in the game, whether in the attack on the station (94), kick (93) or shooting Strength (92) have reached more than 90, fully in line with his peak when the level of 89s sprint speed is enough to get the most single-pole crush when the guard, and its good height and body model is to let him in the fight is not Will easily be at a disadvantage, if you like to use efficient Archer in the game to solve the game or you are a die-hard Rossoner fan, then the Ukrainian nuclear warhead Shevchenko is definitely not to be your super striker!

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