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FIFA 18 wishlist What wed like to see

Bring Chemistry to Career Mode

PES 2017 uses team chemistry in its Master League, making every tactical switch even more thought-provoking as bringing in that new summer signing can wreak havoc with the fluidity of your starting eleven.

The best and most popular part about FIFA is undoubtedly Ultimate Team, with the biggest factor of any team being its chemistry. Bringing this across to the Career Mode-albeit in a different form-would really add depth to the mode.

Rather than basing chemistry on nationality and club, but instead having it as something that is based on other stats like preferred formation, time with team, native language and other factors will really help create a greater connection with the team.

Dedicated servers, PLEASE

It's 2017, lag should not continue to plague the most popular sports game in history. It's about time EA dug deep and invested in some dedicated servers for FIFA 18 Coins.

No longer will we have to be sat in front of a frozen screen, wondering if that shot is about to fly in the top corner or drift hopelessly wide.

Mutual quit in Ultimate Team

If, however, lag continues to be an issue, then EA needs to give players the ability to agree that it's too bad to play a fair game and be able to quit within the first 5-10 minutes of a match where the result is squashed and our stars don't lose a match on their contracts or any boosters applied to their cards.

This feature would help make playing FIFA much more enjoyable, as being forced to sit through a 25 minute match which should take less than half that thanks to crippling lag just because you can't afford to waste the contracts is painful. If both players agree to quit, then neither should be punished in any way, nor should there be any result reflected because of it.

Also, if an opponent quits a match within the first five minutes, it should not cost us a player contract for the starting 11 which it currently does. Not cool, EA, not cool.

Simplified control scheme

Another thing PES 2017 has over FIFA 17 is a simplified, contextual control system. It requires fewer button inputs to do more on the pitch. In PES 2017, if Arjen Robben is on the right wing, and wants to cross the ball low into the box behind the defenders and into the path of Lewandowski, I only have to press one button for this to happen. Robben will automatically do this with the outside of his left foot or inside of his right, depending on what's best based on the situation.

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