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sellmmogold NBA players know theyre addicted to their phones. Good luck getting them to unplug.

sellmmogold Jason Terry knows he's breaking the rules, but he can't help it. In the Milwaukee Bucks'locker room 75 minutes before a matchup with the visiting Washington Wizards, the veteran guard's eyes are lowered, in deep inspection of his phone.


This season, the Bucks -not the team, but the players - implemented a rule: Stay off your phone before games. Players are only allowed to navigate music playlists. There is an exception for guys with certain pregame routines such as Terry's video poker habit, which the 40-year-old has long used as a way to ease his mind before taking the court. But general phone use -and especially social media -is off limits.

"This is the time to get focused," Terry explains.

But he isn't watching the monitor showing Wizards game footage or playing video poker. He's busted:The lull of the moment draws him to his email. The phone -as ubiquitous in an NBA workspace as X's and O's on the whiteboard -has the locker-room veteran breaking the rules.

"I mean, it's addictive,"Terry admits.

The NBA social media boom began in 2009 in Milwaukee's locker room when then-Bucks player Charlie Villanueva sent a tweet during halftime of a game against the Boston Celtics. The message was harmless, if superfluous: Villanueva shared with his followers that he needed to step up in the second half. His coach at the time, Scott Skiles, chastised Villanueva afterward for creating the perception that he was not focused. Before the start of the following season, the league introduced a rule banning cellphone usage during games.

Players now operate within these rules while otherwise tweeting and sharing with abandon. Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant was caught using a secret account to defend his honor against haters. After being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans, Nikola Mirotic seemingly trolled his former Chicago Bulls teammates by posting a shrug emoji moments after they gave up a late lead and lost to the Philadelphia 76ers. Those Sixers, by the way, feature the NBA's king of Twitter.

All-star center Joel Embiid discovered his social media voice when he lost his entire rookie season to injury. He played a lot of video games but got bored and started tweeting -needling Lebron James for a reply and requesting dates with singer Rihanna.

"I just figured that social media would be a way for me to have fun, and that's how I got into it -that summer that I got drafted," says Embiid, who now boasts more than 2 million Instagram followers and another 1.27 million on Twitter. "From there, I guess it took off."

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