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New details of WildStar promote team fun

New details of WildStar promote team fun
Although not much information was revealed, WildStar (provisional translation, Wilderness Planet) undoubtedly left a deep impression on players at this years Gamescom 2011. Only a preview and some very early game screens were announced, and a special trial version was available. The specific gameplay is not yet clear. However, there are still some people digging out clues that will allow us to have a better understanding of this future game.
There is no doubt that the game will have PVP part, but after the full level, the players choices are many. For players who do not like to participate in team activities, the world story of the game is not yet over, and players will continue to explore. The game world will also have open areas and copies, and there are many ways to ensure that players can experience the game content with friends. Last but not least, careers will be versatile, and armor will be completely customizable.

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